Published papers

Tuberculosis diagnosis and treatment under uncertainty
With Charles F. Manski
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 2019
Center for Global Development blog coverage here


Working papers

The power to protect: household bargaining and female condom use
With Marije Groot Bruinderink, Wendy Janssens & Karlijn Morsink
R&R, The Economic Journal
Latest version here
Online appendix here

Banker My Neighbour: Matching and Financial Intermediation in Savings Groups
With Marcel Fafchamps
R&R, Journal of Development Economics

Latest version here
Online appendix here
Vox article here

Are the poor so present-biased?
Latest version here
Online appendix here


In progress

Women’s empowerment, social norms and domestic violence
With Wendy Janssens & Karlijn Morsink

Domestic violence and women’s economic decision-making
With Dan Anderberg & Karlijn Morsink

Intra-household bargaining and willingness to pay for community toilets
With Alex Armand, Britta Augsburg & Antonella Bancalari
Pre-analysis plan here

Response bias and surveyor identity in field evaluations
With Jonathan Lain & Simone Lombardini
Pre-analysis plan here